Famous Fountains In The World

The most famous of all the water fountains is the fountain of Milano in Italy.  figureIt is said to be one of the best museums in the world. Built in 1786 by the order of Pope Sixtus IV, it has been regarded as the birthplace of Italian art. The fountain has several stories to tell and includes the history of the water itself and the Italian people. Today it is home to numerous visitors and many people visit it just for the experience of viewing one of the greatest works of art in the world. One of the most famous fountains is located in the courtyard of the church of San Vitale. It is known worldwide for its beautiful statue of Jesus and Mary. You can also admire the sculptures of the Virgin Mary, St. Peter and St. Augustine.

The Master Fountain Designer

Designed by the great Renaissance architect Michelangelo, the church was built during the Renaissance when there was a growing popularity for European Renaissance designs. Even today, this courtyard offers a wonderful view of the sea and provides a wonderful place for praying or reading before starting your day. Another of the best known fountains is the Trevi Fountain located on the Pantheon in Rome. This extraordinary piece of artwork was created by the famous artist Michelangelo.  imageIt is believed to have been inspired by the story of the Last Supper in which Jesus and the disciples discussed who would place the next meal on the Table.

Trevi Fountain Trivia

A stone tablet was placed under the table with a list of those who would be given a share of the dinner. Each of the day's meal was then placed under that tablet until it came to the last item on the list, which was Jesus. Today, you can see the central figure of the Trevi Fountain as well as the names of all of the people who were placed on that tablet. Barcelona - If you are looking for a fountain which is not located within a city, but rather outside of it, then Barcelona is the place to look. You will find several magnificent works of art in this beautiful town. Some of the most famous include the Fontana de Bellicell, the Fontana Goya, and the Prado Cartier. All of these breathtaking fountains are found within the walls of the Gothic cathedral of Sant Feliu de Guixols. Guido Island, Spain - Guido Island is located off the coast of Almeria in Spain. Here, you will find the most famous Fountain in Europe, the Bellagio Fountain. Built on the bluff of an ancient fort, it is the largest and most dramatic of all of the fountains found in Spain. You can hear the rushing of the water as it flows across the sands and rocks that it rests upon. Monaco - This is another area in which water fountains are commonly found. There is even a museum dedicated to its history as a world-class gambling city. In Monaco, you will find the Bellagio Fountain, and the Monte Carlo Fountain. The former is considered to be the world's first public water fountain, while the latter was built almost two centuries ago. These impressive water jets can be found in many places throughout Monaco, including the Cathedral, Saint-Sante Square, and the Grand Canal. Tokyo - One of the most well-known and often largest of Japan's tourist attractions, the Imperial Palace is also a great spot to take a stroll around.

Shinto Temple Fountain Style

There are two main areas that house the water fountains within the complex: The Royal Castle and the Imperial gardens. Each has its own unique style, and several visitors have described the feeling of stepping into a new dimension when they walk through these gardens. The Imperial gardens also hold a Shinto temple, where the Emperor once lived. For those who enjoy ancient architecture, the gardens are an ideal image source for paintings, or for those interested in Japanese history and mythology. Montjuic Magic Fountain - For those who enjoy an old world style with an element of whimsy, the Montjuic Magic Fountain is hard to miss. The fountain is made up of eight connected ponds that all hold a different colored water gem. The highest water point of the fountain is at the very top, and the water never spills out of the pond. While the Montjuic Magic Fountain is a great place to take visitors, it is also a popular photo spot because of the unique style of the water.